Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: starklove (Hip Hop)

Born behind enemy lines to a family of toothless sharecroppers, starklove's life
took a bizarre turn when he was kidnapped by a secret society of Shaolin monks
at the tender age of five. He was brought to their hidden island encampment
where he endured many years of intensive martial art training.

It was soon discovered that starklove was incapable of simple fundamentals such
as tiger style, snake style, crane style, leopard style and dragon style. However
he had somehow mastered the obscure and highly advanced bat style, which
involves aligning the chakras in a way that releases pure sonic energy.

With this style, starklove soon became unstoppable.

Afraid of the monstrosity they had created, the monks released him into the
jungle. There he was adopted by a friendly pack of wolves and lived out the best
years of his life, until he was caught in a poacher's trap and returned to

Although his exact whereabouts are currently unknown he is believed to roam
the five boroughs on a relentless audiological vendetta against those who
shattered his idyllic jungle lifestyle.

Armed with a lethal stockpile of sonic weaponry he is suspected of a vast audio
conspiracy, sonic subterfuge and production of weapons of mass reverberation.
He spends his nights creating stunning, subversive soundscapes and his days
evading the international intelligence agencies who relentlessly pursue him for
his auditory transgressions.

Find out more when his album "desiderata" drops on Bartleby Records on
10/20/10 (digital pre-release on 10/10/10).

For more info about starklove, visit:

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