Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Vega X (Hip Hop)

Source: Vega X

Vega X is often considered to be the first pioneer spiritual emcee of the northern New England area. While his style is often imitated it is never replicated. To date he is widely known for his collaborations with underground powerhouse artists such as ATMA, Sick Since and Rassul Allah (from Lost Children Of Babylon) as well as album singles featuring Shabazz The Disciple, The Holacaust (from Wu Killa Beez) & Armageddion (former Terror Squad).

For over seven years, Vega X was known for performing and recording spiritual Hip Hop music throughout the northeast. As a young emcee starting out in a Hip Hop extinct area, he was drawn to the art of battle rapping and freestyling. After crushing any and all opposition he could find across the globe, he began to study ancient scriptures and pathways of light. His style eventually matured into a more focused, knowledgable craft touching on subject matter of all different types. It was this esoteric occultism rhyme form which later led him to be noticed by LCOB affiliates. In his entire career he has always had an underlying state of mind declaring that no human opinion is fit to judge him. This is manifested through his music as he seeks to lead only enlightened listeners through the future.

While often described as spiritual or revolutionary, he personally detests describing Planet X Records as "political", pointing out that politics is simply a game show controlled by higher powers. Much of who Vega X is and where he comes from is discussed in his verses, so it will neglected from being reported here. He has always had a "let the music do the talking" philosophy and after releasing his first pressed LP at the age of 15, he fought to found several groups ultimately culminating with his creation of the independent label Planet X Records. Since it's founding he has recruited members in many different states as well as overseas.

After creating a large domestic and abroad fanbase with the "Guerrilla Allience: Guerrilla Warfare Project", vega X was approached by hip hop groups from as far places as Russia, Columbia, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, other parts of South America and more. Armed with the skills taught to him by successful emcees El*A*Kwents and D. One (formerly Absolute Proof), Vega X felt ready to take on the world. It was then he made contact with one of his favourite emcees Killascripsha who is known throughout the streets and industry as a beast. After being mentored by many hardcore street emcees, Vega X has sharpened his sword to cut down many jealous haters in a bloody path to victory ending with seeing himself as the only one to recieve high profile collaborations, achievements and accolades.

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