Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Perseverance (Hip Hop)

”I personally am nearly anti-everything and I don't agree with the raping of the earth. We're cutting down trees to pick our teeth and wipe our asses.”

What all underground rappers know is that to get heard takes perseverance, and that is why our twenty five year old hip-hop prodigy, aptly named Perseverance, has overcome all the many hardships in his life and is spitting lyrical fire with some of the illest cats in underground hip-hop today. Perseverance has had his share of hard knocks in his life from a neglected childhood to a drug dependent adolescence of broken dreams to the past year, in which the sensitive an spiritual emcee went to hell and back. Perseverance hasn't only been cursed with hardship in his life because he has also been blessed with the ability to turn this hardship to his advantage, which has earned him the name Perseverance. This is perhaps why he has such a profound interest in survivalism because his life has always been a struggle for survival itself. He wears the physical and emotional scars he has earned as though they were medals of honour. This is because he recognizes the fact that strength is restored by wounding .

He has also experienced some intensely uplifting moments in his life, some of which are due to his vast experiments with various psychotropic substances. These are experiments which he feels have opened him up to an almost shamanistic type of wisdom. These psychedelic journeys were for him an intrinsic part of the development of his intense creativity. Perseverance told me: “I got really big into shamanism getting in touch with the plant and animal world and reading mind expanding literature such as Carlos Castenada etc. to help you understand how to use the drugs for their individaully designed divine purpose insted of letting them do what they want with you. Not putting these ancient practices and methods down in the slightest I actually embrase & credit them for my unique perspective on life and highly developed senses of self and place.” This deeply spiritual creativity which Perseverance possesses, not to mention his natural charisma, has enabled him to win the hearts and minds of various underground emcees who have contributed to his pending début album, Perseverance's United Division. Perseverance said: ”I was motivated, driven, focused and proud to have the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to take advantage of working with such greats as I have on this album. It’s a true blessing and a dream in the process of being fulfilled alongside favorites of mine for over ten years.” The album is set to go down in history as an underground hip-hop classic. It has a truly unique flavour, and Perseverance, who's not been emceeing for long, holds his own among hip-hop veterans like Dead Prez, Swollen Members, Dilated Peoples, Revolution of The Mind, 2Mex, Sweatshop Union, and our very own Capital-'X' and Monte Smith

The AIM will be promoting our ethical hip-hop hippy Perseverance and his pending album because we have no doubt that they will go viral in the hip-hop community. They will also spread truth, peace and justice when they do because Perseverance will never cease to persevere in his fight against global injustice through his music. His music is a testament to the profound sensitivity that he has developed in response to a world that has frequently slapped him in the face.

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