Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: The Sargonites (Hip Hop / Rap)


The Truth is told through Hip-Hop & The Sargonites are here to tell it!

We are here to remove the veil from in front of your eyes.. This is not a gimmick, it is a lifestyle. We don't read or look at videos of conspiracy theories, metaphysical ideas, religions or philosophies to get material to write songs.. we read to stay informed and to stay disconnected from the matrix... And we do not make music to try and get a record deal! We make it to use it as our weapon of mass instruction! For many years now we have been waiting for the right time to make our mark.. and that time has come to let the world know. That is why we used the masonic symbol as a template for our logo, to get everyone's attention. So when they hear our music, they will know that their time is running out and when you hear it, you will now there is hope for us.

This is a musical movement and we need to keep ourselves well informed. So by everyone doing the research and knowing the true history of the planet we live in, we can better prepare ourselves and our children for the future and what the shadow government, Illuminati (Whatever you want to call it) has in store for us. We are not afraid to knock down the walls of secrecy! Exposing the lies and taking back all that belongs to us with the power of music in one hand and a 45 Caliber in the other... long live the revolution!

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