Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Beast 1333 (Hip Hop / Rap)

SOURCE: ReverbNation

Beast1333 is an underground emcee dedicated to exposing the historical tyranny of the international banking cartels, their absolute control of our nations and governments, and their plans for the creation of a One World Government / Fascist Dictatorship.

For too long have our nations been controlled by these international bankers who have no love but for money and power.Too long have we given them the ability to control our money supply enabling them to steal our hard-earned wealth through inflation,deflation and debt. Too much of our blood has been spilled on the battlefield in conflicts they have orchestrated for the sole benefit of the few.

Please take some time to check out Beast1333 and help us expose this murderous agenda that is trying to take away our freedoms that many people have died to protect. Become part of the solution by Joining The Resistance and creating the change you want to see in the world. One by one people are waking up, help us in our fight against the new world order by spreading the message of The Resistance.

The Resistance 1333 is working hard to build the tools necessary for everyone to organize and to unite forces for non-violent change. We believe that a committed minority can change the world for the better and we are dedicated to creating a better future for our children. A future without wars of aggression and bankrupt nations, but instead a future of truth, justice and freedom for all human kind.

With the help of music, the truth can reach a much wider audience and bring light to the problems we are trying to change. Check out Beast 1333's music and learn about the hidden agenda that not many people are willing to face. Take time to learn about the New World Order, and join us in the front lines in the fight against global tyranny and government corruption, together we can make change.

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  1. Beast1333 is from New Jersey, not California. Check his full bio at

    1. Nah man, he's from New York somewhere, they say he's from Brooklyn, that's why he made the song Rotten Apple and stuff

  2. It was an honor to have him on Lyrical Warfare. His lyricism is intense.