Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Danegurous (Hip Hop / Rap)


Dane Clifford aka Danegurous was born in Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan N.Y. The youngest of two sons of an Israeli Mother and Irish Father. Relocated to North Carolina in the mid 90's. (The Golden Era) He had an brother 5 years older than him that had a library of every kind of music. Deftones, Korn, Yanni, Metallica, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Whitney Houston, Incubus, NWA, Canibus, Bone Thugz, Kenny G, Marely, Kriss Kross, Nas, ONYX, etc.

So while your average 4th grader was doing the macarena, lil Danegurs walkman was bumpin' " BAC DA FUC UP!! DA ONYX IS HERE!!" Heavily influenced by The Golden Era of Hip-Hop Danegurous started writing lyrics on and off from age 12 untill October 2008. October was the month he decided to do something with his talent and now HERE HE IS. Known for his RAPID, RAW, LYRICAL FLOW, Danegurous is moving up fast in the Underground hiphop scene.

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