Friday, 8 July 2016

ALBUM: Xidus Pain [2010] Truth Is To Be Told Not Sold

An exclusive FREE mixtape by Xidus Pain compiled for Truth Music Directory. Truth Is To Be Told Not Sold contains tracks from all three of Xidus' releases: Taste Of Pain, Know Pain Know Gain & Maxx Pain... and also an exclusive unreleased track called Spiritual Force.

Xidus Pain [2010] Truth Is To Be Told Not Sold

01. Are You Shure? [Produced by DJ Kno]
02. Gifted (Init) [Produced by DJ Kno]
03. Political Gangstarz (Ft. Ready P) [Produced by Prozach]
04. Gunz [Produced by DJ Kno]
05. Spirit Guide [Produced by Chris iPop]
06. Sonshine [Produced by Prozach]
07. Comfort Zone (Sage) [Produced by Alias]
08. Spiritual Force [Produced by Micky Ward]
09. Hang On [Produced by Ant]
10. What Darkness Breeds [Produced by DJ Kno]
11. No Time 4 Slumber [Produced by Reanimator]
12. Africa [Produced by Prozach]
13. Rapper By Nature [Produced by Just Blaze]
14. Way Home [Produced by Brent Lee Regan]

You can download the songs individually by right clicking on the titles and "save target as"
Or get the whole album at once, just right click this link -->DOWNLOAD<-- span=""> & save target as!

More info about Xidus Pain can be found here @ Truth Music Directory

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