Friday, 8 July 2016

ALBUM: Truthseekah [2010] That They May Know Him

The long awaited album That They May Know Him from TruthSeekah is finally here! The wait is over... 17 tracks of heavy guitars by LWren GuitarShop, Gut Wrenching Screams, Beautiful Melodies and Hardcore Rhymes accompany this release. That They May Know Him is a must have album as TruthSeekah is pioneering into a new sound that will captivate audiences for a very long time!

01. Intro
02. Meant To Move
03. Now's The Time
04. God I'm Sorry feat Tavren
05. This is How We Ride feat K-Lee & GoodWill
06. Live Without You
07. This Revolution feat Chrispy
08. Still Standing
09. Vanity of The Mind feat Loren Larson & Johnny G
10. How Can I Stand Here?
11. So Blind
12. I Don't Get Down feat Tavren, GoodWill, Ty Cross, Boy Gospel, Jarvis, PaperBoy, & Watchman
13. Matrix of Power feat Jarvis
14. Chase Christ
15. Love feat Anthony Cummings
16. Age of Aquarius
17. Choose feat Yashar, Lynndrick & PaperBoy

That They May Know Him is now available to download at Soundclick and physical copies of the CD are available at Big Cartel

More information about TruthSeekah can be found @ Truth Music Directory

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