Friday, 8 July 2016

ALBUM: starklove [2010] desiderata

Preview the new album "Desiderata" from NY native starklove only at BandCamp.. this album will be released on 10/10/10
01. Only The Paranoid Survive
02. Reaper Doesn't Wait
03. Rigged
04. Melophobia Redux
05. Insufficient Funds
06. Skyline
07. The Way Things Work
08. Third Person
09. Last Night
10. Getting Past Airport Security
11. Snakes in the Grass
12. Static and Signal
13. They Chat Breeze
14. Losing Me
15. Life in Samsara
16. The Most Dangerous Thing in the World
17. BK is the Tundra
18. Knuckledragger
19. Backfloat with Submerged Ears
20. blissfreedomindivisible

<a href="">desiderata by starklove</a>

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For more info about starklove, visit his profile here @ Truth Music Directory

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