Monday 25 July 2016

Artist Profile: Overdose Denver AKA: ODD TV (Hip Hop)

Overdose Denver is an Underground Hip Hop Emcee and Producer from Denver, Colorado. He has been making his style of Hip Hop for many years and has recently turned to Film making under the name ODD TV. His music and documentaries cover many topics of the NWO Conspiracy with a focus on the subject of Flat Earth.

Artist Profile: The Retinal Circus (Psychedelic)

Bored with all of these run o' the mill la-de-bloomin-da songs about girls and relationships?
Then you've come to the right place!.. Here we only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, spaniards with fantastic taches', seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, Gregorian calendars and an analysis of the human race with the conclusion we are all APES.. ETC

I AM "One of Worcester's most prolific songwriters & multi instrumentalists,Craigus Barry" (so says the local media at large!) Or as I prefer - a psychedelic cabaret cake infused with pretentious self parody..

Taking my name from vision 6. Instructions for Use during a Psychedelic Session as described in the psychedelic experience by Timothy Leary I intend to bring joy, surrealism and confusion with each performance.. So far it has been a success..

LINKS: Bandcamp - Facebook

Artist Profile: El*A*Kwents (Hip Hop)

In a time of global upheaval, El*A*Kwents taps the universal energy, the source and life force, to transcend negativity through sound and language. Through rhythmic beats and lyrical cadence, El*A*Kwents delivers a forceful and persuasive attack on Earth's status quo of human indignity and injustice.

Realizing the time is always now, El*A*Kwents is a visionary and actionary, manifesting and creating his world and the world he hopes to connect with the rest of the human family; a world of living in harmony with the Earth and each other, learning, and perpetuating optimism and positivity.


Artist Profile: Blooded The Brave (Hip Hop)

Speaking for truth and hope in a world of doubt and deception; Blooded the Brave understands the importance of his words as he uses them to strike an accord within the hearts of men and women everywhere.

Born full-blooded Irish, this M.C. has been recording, releasing and performing since 2001. Performing regionally, Blooded the Brave has taken his music to several different cities to reach the people with his heart-felt message.

"The stage is my home," say's the passionate rapper who commands the stage with passion and energy. His music can cross hip hop genres and category's as his influences were everything from Kid N' Play to Chuck D.

Something for everybody can be found in his music, but it's in the message that matters to this ever excited M.C. "We are all in this world together, and that is how we can overcome, achieve and accomplish what we want; together."

LINKS: Official WebsiteBandcampFacebookTwitterSoundcloud - YouTube

Artist Profile: I & Ideal (Hip Hop)

I & Ideal From 'Resistance Recordings' Brings Forth Music With A Message, That's Not Commonly Talked About In The Commercial Music Industry. I & Ideal is a 23 year old rapper, singer and poet based in Dagenham, Essex, UK. He has been doing music for 6 years, and has been dedicated to mastering everything from content and delivery. Touching on a wide variety of thought provoking subjects, everything from corporate corruption to esoteric theories.

Artist Profile: The Cassini Projekt (Rock, Experimental)

The Cassini Projekt is a band which seeks to create Rock music without boundaries. In addition it is about big riffs, even bigger guitar solos and prog rock wig outs. Every genre is up for grabs in the experimentation stakes. The Project was set up by Alex McDonnell following the break up of several previous bands.


Official Website



Twitter - @CassiniProjekt

Friday 8 July 2016

Music VIDEO: Awkword - The People's Champ (Video)

Check out the brand new video "The People's Champ" by Awkword from The Anti Injustice Movement.

AWKWORD links up with VLAD TV's Monstar Films team in the East Village (New York City) to shoot the HD video for his revolutionary rap anthem "The People's Champ" (prod. J. Glaze)... And they got even more than expected, with all the creatives and crazies who hang around the legendary Mars Bar!... Cameos from R.H. Bless, Ashy L Bowz, Fanesha Fabre, Whatzisface, ATG, model Maggie Wall and pop artist Jamelah...

Download "The People's Champ" here:

For more info about Awkword, visit his profile here @ Truth Music Directory