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Artist Profile: Tony Moon (Hip Hop)

Source: Tony Moon

"A completely independent Emcee from Hampton, VA, Tony Moon has emerged in Hip -Hop as one of the most unique and subversive minds to pick up a microphone. Raised on and influenced by Motown and the underground East Coast Hip- Hop of the mid -to -late '90s, Tony has crafted a soulful style laced with complex rhyme schemes, intricate wordplay, personality, razor sharp flow, brutal honesty, and above all, a message of truth, freedom, and oneness.

With virtually no notoriety, promotion, or budget Tony Moon released his debut mixtape, *Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!* in April 2008, notifying the on line community that there was a new artist with something to say.

Despite being unknown, countless on line magazines, websites, and blogs gave Tony a chance, immediately praising the project for its display of lyrical skill, soulful production, and scathing truth. Instantly, fans around the world began downloading the project by the hundreds and thousands as the word got out that there was finally some dope new music from a true artist.

After his debut release, word got out about the young new talent. Radio stations such as 91.3 FM WCUW (Worcester, MA) spun his songs and sites such as interviewed him. It wasn't long before Tony Moon was international, being featured on *Jazz Is..*. by the French group FakeHunters which was released on ROOT70 Lounge in Japan, and re-releasing his own music with the label StillMuzik in France and ROOT70 Lounge in Japan.

As his recognition grew Tony began branching out from open mics and jam sessions to getting booked and performing all over; from the DMV to NYC. Before long, he had landed his first tour, the VA STRONG Tour (VAST), performing with gifted VA artists all over the state.

Currently, Tony Moon is featured on several mixtapes & albums, and is promoting his debut studio project *Sacred Sounds EP* which dropped in January 2010. He is also releasing his follow up mixtape *Lunar Plexus*. With an ever -evolving style and rare charisma, Tony Moon continues to excite and impress fans all over the world...all independently."

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