Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Spitsofrantic (Hip Hop / Rap)

TMD proudly presents: Spitsofrantic (A member of Soulshakers Music)

"Spitsofrantic represents diversity and a quest for knowledge and freedom. Born a 'military brat' to a poor family, he was exposed to life's many injustices from an early age which has influenced him to write bleak tales of a sometimes harsh reality.

Spitso began his Hip Hop career as a battle MC, allowing him to channel his intensity and creative energy. Spitsofrantic has developed into a deadly lyricist and a three dimensional artist. Whether working on his electrifying stage performance or perfecting his uncanny freestyle ability, Spitso has been preparing his arsenal to unleash revolution upon the microphone...

His music is passionate and reality based, but the similarities with traditional Hip Hop ends there. From satyrical takes on popular rap songs like "Free Speech Is Dead" to more contemplative yet jams like, "Who Is Your Master?" You should have no doubt that this soldier is ready for war!"

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