Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Had Enough (Hip Hop / Rap)

Source: MySpace

Oklahoma's underground MC Had Enough is the voice of the middle class, the friend of the troops and the enemies of the elite. Holding nothing back with his powerful words against corruption, Had Enough isn't strictly political, but a spokesman for reality and for the truth.

Had Enough's music reflects the real world that we all see, breathe and live everyday, his brutally honest lyrics exposes the reality that some dare not to face. As an artist, he's highly influenced by the MC styles of Old School and Underground Hip-Hop as well as the integrity and attitude of Punk and Hardcore music. Had Enough's first full-length album, "No American Dream Left" is set to hit online stores on May 21st, 2010. Be on the lookout for when Had Enough hits your town.

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