Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: The Madeleine Haze (Rock / Alternative / Metal)


While Philadelphia-based Hard Rock/Metal band THE MADELEINE HAZE may have had humble, even tragic beginnings, they are quickly becoming one of the hottest unsigned acts in the country. Originally formed as an acoustic solo project by vocalist/guitarist Zachary Goebbel, his music was used as a coping mechanism after drug addiction claimed the lives of both his parents. Inspired by French novelist Marcel Proust’s story of how the taste of a madeleine cake brought forth an overwhelming rush of memories and emotions; Zachary set out to use music as a way of dealing with his own pain, while also connecting with the emotions of the listener. The result was an acoustic EP entitled “In Search Of Lost Time”, which was not intended to be heard by anyone but close friends. However, local and regional radio stations began playing the song “The Albatross”, so drummer Ben Carter and bassist Brian Lamb were brought in for live shows.

It was at the band’s third gig, in a small North Carolina town, where everything changed. Between songs, Zachary made what he believed was an innocent comment about the two major political parties and current national policies. Local police shut the concert down immediately, and ordered the band to leave town. Word spread throughout the free speech community, and the band became spokespeople for the Constitution, appearing on several national radio talk shows. This exposure led to gigs all over the country with bands such as FIXER, BROKEN TEETH, AMERICAN DOG and BULLETBOYS.

Meanwhile, the band began writing new material; resulting in a hybrid of technical Progressive Metal with radio-friendly Alternative Rock hooks. This new sound has been compared to everyone from Shinedown to Kings X, and is attracting the attention of record labels, as well as a legion of new fans.

In September 2009, the band headlined their first US tour, which acted a series of free speech rallies and fundraisers for local charities. The highlight was a sold-out performance in New York City on September 11th, which raised money for the families of 9/11 firefighters.

Now hard at work on their debut album entitled “A More Perfect Union”, the band has teamed with porn star ANGELINA ARMANI, one of the hottest stars in XXX, for a cover shot that is both sexy and meaningful. Armani portrays humanity in it’s natural free state, but censored and stained by a corrupt political system. The music inside will echo this contrast, with a mix of emotional, anthemic Rock and the more aggressive Metal style that has arisen over the past year. Produced by Billy Seals (Sanctity), the album will be released this summer after a label deal is secured.

Fiercely political, while refusing to align with any major political party; undoubtedly mainstream, while resisting the confines of a cookie-cutter music industry; The Madeleine Haze are the new paradigm for independent, modern Hard Rock.

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