Friday, 8 July 2016

ALBUM: Knowledge [2010] Long Time Coming

Download this mixtape "Long Time Coming" by Knowledge for free at !!! You will have to register at the site but it only takes a minute and is well worth it! :)

01 Long Time Coming
02 Killin' Season
03 Walk With Me
04 A Hustler's Story
05 Illuminati
06 Still Down
07 They Be With Me
08 Next Best Up
09 What's A Rapper?
10 The Penalty
11 I Can't Control It
12 Footsteps Of A Stranger
13 Outro (Memories Of You)

Click on the link above or Download it HERE!

For more info about KNOWLEDGE.. visit his profile HERE!


  1. Just wonder what it is, exactly, that you have against Michael Moore.

    I mean, do you believe he is part of some conspiracy by "the elites"?

    If so, which conspiracy is that? Why do you single him out in the log description? What facts can you site about him that I may have overlooked and which could prevent me from being "taken in" by him?

    This is a serious inquiry.

  2. Hi Scott.. No, we are not implying that he is part of any conspiracy.. Or that we have a problem with him. Our point is we are looking for artists that delve deeper in to the problem and not just those that scratch the surface. A "Michael Moore" type band would be Rage Against The Machine.. while they may be good.. they are not talking about the issues we are looking to promote here. Illuminati, NWO, 911 was an inside job.. that type of thing. I hope this answers your question.