Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Trillion (Hip Hop / Alternative)



One of New Zealand's only true natural accent rappers... One of the last of the old school NZ rhymers still current.

Beats master, engineer, producer, songwriter, poet, remixer, graphic designer, record label boss.

Born in Takaka, Golden Bay... raised in Parnassus, North Canterbury... Grew up in industrial South East Christchurch... lived in Auckland... moved back home to Christchurch.

Produced hours and hours of excellent music with dozens of brilliant musicians, performed lots of places: London, USA, Australia, New Zealand. Started seeing the world thru different eyes... discovered the music industry fakeness... became cynical... With help and encouragement from friends carved own path... mastered the art of the story telling rap... mastered the art of the political rap... mastered the art of the melancholic rap.

Trillion... this is my path!

'Grown up Hip Hop inspired songs for smart people'

More info and music available at:

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  1. I found this guy a few months back... his tracks totally blew me away. His style is somewhat similair to Buck 65 and Sage Francis but more "awake".

    I recommend:
    "Super-Size My Aspartame" -
    "Say No To The Vaccine" -