Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Rhagenetix (Hip Hop)


Rhagenetix is an advanced human being, fully equipped with the capability to destroy any average MC. His lightning fast reflex and immense vocabulary leaves all competition in a wake of verbal homicide. Many look in awe as Rhagenetix explodes on stage with vibrance and energy rarely seen in any man.

In 2007 Rhagenetix co-produced and wrote "The Controversy", Soulshakers Music's debut album. With thousands of local and national performances under his belt, Rhagenetix is primed to hit the scene with his upcoming solo project.

Half-Man / Half-Machine it would seem to some, Rhagenetix continues to push himself beyond what some deem to be humanly possible. "Jah Mighty Divine gives me the strength" he says. As an unknown future of constant change continually peers over the horizon, we can be assured of one thing... Rhagenetix will be hard at work.

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