Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Knew Eyes (Hip Hop)

Source: Knew Eyes

"Soldiers Of Fortune, I'll sling you a portion of lyrics sicker than a plate of scrambled abortion"

Hailing from Bristol in the Southwest UK and originally from his International Hip Hop group The Insurgents, Knew Eyes now goes on a solo journey through thought and music.

Having performed and had his work broadcast from New York to Australia, Knew Eyes is tipped as one of the freshest acts in Hip Hop today.

Affiliated with Guerrilla Republik and The AIM, conscious lyrics with real meaning over flowing beats are and always have been Knew Eyes' prime targets.

His debut LP The Keys To The Kingdom was released on Nov 5th 2010 to underground critical acclaim and is widely passed around the real Hip Hop community.

Now booking up shows all over the UK, be sure to try and catch Knew Eyes live and stay tuned for the further releases being created as you read........

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