Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: (həd) P.E. (Hardcore / Punk / Metal)


For over a decade, Huntington Beach, CA's (Hed) p.e have taken the lead of the punk-rock forefathers and empowered themselves to take control of their music. With the July 8, 2008 release of (Hed) p.e's new live CD/DVD 2-disc set "The D.I.Y Guys", the band is embracing the punk-rock work ethos to its fullest.

"The D.I.Y ethic is the band's lifeblood and without it we could not exist in 2008," says frontman Jared Gomes. "It means not waiting for people to do everything for you. We don’t wait for anyone whether it’s artwork or recording or anything in between. We are never too proud to do it ourselves."

(Hed) p.e’s explosive live show was caught on tape for the release of the group’s first live album and DVD release. The live CD portion was captured at Hollywood's legendary Key Club where the band performed a mixture of classic (Hed) p.e tracks as well as new fan favorites from their latest studio album "Insomnia". The DVD includes 13 live tracks as well as music videos, behind the scenes footage, interviews and punk-rockumentary film clips from the band's decade-long tour history.

"A lot of bands say their shit is live, but I know for a fact that they go in and patch things. Our band isn't trying to provide our people with some polished piece of crap," says Jared. "Our shows are raw and like explosive, and the live stuff is raw and explosive as well. Like the microphones get unplugged, the guitars go out of tune, but (Hed)pe is raw and a statement that is unapologetic."

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