Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Global Parasite (Punk / Hardcore)


You should pay attention to us. We aren't going to sing you any love songs. There's a box to think outside of. There's a cross to look at, there's books riddled with esoterica to understand. There's conditioning to understand. There's an agenda taking place right before our very eyes and they're lying to us every day. The lodges will crumble, the strings that pull will snap, their false flags won't fly if we remember resistance isn't futile. Look for the real agenda of the New World Order.

A positive mental attitude isn't ignoring problems. It's dealing with them? We're not pretending to be anything we're not and we're not just churning out the same anarchic messages associated with our "genre". We have our own ideas and we take pride in thinking for ourselves. We are NOT left-wing, we are NOT right wing: we are NOT anti-semetic (we've had that one thrown our way). We do not self-righteously offer you any solutions to what we scream about but we do have a belief in how things can and should be. We do believe that the megalomaniac power freaks that really run things are very wrong and we won't be quiet about it...

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