Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Embed (Electro / Rap / Breakbeat)

Not telling you what to think but what we're thinking about promoting inquisitive self education from credible information.

Songs that essentially protest about mediocrity, oppression, cynicism, boredom, violence stupidity, intolerance, the status quo.. songs that attack investigate and provoke.

A message of resistance with the attitude of revolt an integral reason the music sounds the way it does, a controversial motivating message.

The essential diagnostic spirit of protest, funny, angry, docu-dramatic songs that mean something that present arguable truth with a seductive provocative glamour.

Articulating revolutionary spirit, idealistic intelligently non conformist passion. Creative rebellious originality and an element of danger.

Forging a community of like minded spirits that eagerly respond to songs that edgily reflect potential change and new constantly forming social circumstances.

Songs with antagonistic energy politically imaginative militant dimensions that force people to consider their social and emotional position.

Fighting against injustice and narrow minds that don't want to be troubled by troubling thoughts. Without relinquishing a large open minded audience

Responding to war, poverty, inequality and corruption. Bringing gripping social awareness into the mainstream.

Naively Inspired to protest with the romantic belief that Inspirational passionate art can change the world. Connecting street energy and mystical power with a direct oppositional political edge..

Mixing resonant revolutionary social criticism with anarchic dance grooves confrontational lyrics, vital and unsettling words with the music of the moment.Being both disconcerting and accessible

Bringing attention to important issues like racism, famine,political and social abuses, wrongful imprisonment, environmental destruction, brutality, torture, murder...

Awkward provocative and compelling questions that could actually threaten governments, redirect cultural energy, upset rigid traditions, and prove that music art and passionate faith in the power of the human spirit can inspire harmony and peaceful resistance.

(Quotes and paraphrases from Death of the Protest Song written by Paul Morley for PRS Mag Dec 09)

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