Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Djevara (Alternative / Punk / Metal)

SOURCE: ReverbNation

"Descendents in a long tradition of punk rock originating in Britain, passionate and fiercely political, music and mission combine, projected by a dedicated DIY ethic inspired by bands such as Fugazi, Henry Rollins/Black Flag and Tool. Djevara are an alternative rock band, with an essentially punk heart but with a beat borrowing heavily from the many subgenres of metal, hardcore, rock and beyond. The cohesive factor is huge passion and naïve belief in the power of music, with a hint of multi-ethnic heritage and brutally honest urban poetry. This is unashamed music for those who want to rock out, a heady mix of metropolitan tastes indifferent to, and often antagonistic to whatever the current popular music fashions are."

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