Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Brent Lee Regan (Hip Hop / Alternative / Acoustic Rap)

Brent Lee Regan is an Alternative Hip Hop artist from the UK whose lyrical delivery and content is as varied as his musical style. His lyricism is deeply profound and explores issues of personal, political, philosophical and theological importance. He maturely addresses the power struggles and paradigm shifts in the shady world of global elite politics and religion but his message is one of hope because he is committed to change through praxis. Regan is not content to merely dance among the ruins like those in many factions of Hip Hop but rather is dedicated to standing to fight peacefully for justice through his music and front line activism. He has embraced the Christian message of hope and although he is wholly dedicated to his path of Christian Mysticism he is able to separate religion from politics because he understands the corrupt nature of those who seek power at the expense of others. Regan's spiritual message is one of love, acceptance and inclusion and thus it stands in stark opposition to the exploitative motifs propounded by both mainstream corporate rap music and many factions of underground Hip Hop. Regan has an uncompromising commitment to equality, freedom and truth and his authenticity as an individual permeates his hypnotizing Hip Hop. His voice is gentle but captivating, his flow is smooth and precise, and his beats and music are always mesmerizing in a way that is almost spiritual. Brent Lee Regan is the much needed future of Hip Hop.

As well as writing and producing all of his own material, Brent Lee Regan has also worked with many other producers, vocalists and bands both local and international and his music production and technique has earned him major industry clients such as Virgin1, Codemasters and Momentum Worldwide. After being front man and vocalist for twelve years in Ska-Rap-Metal band - The Prhyme, he recently split from the group and released his solo album entitled “Apis Mellifera” which was put out on his own label
False Flag in August 2009. After only one year, 13,000 copies of Apis Mellifera were downloaded. The album has been a massive success and has already gained Regan an extensive following from all corners of the globe, both within Hip Hop and outside of it. His music and lyricism crosses many divides and his style manages to be true to the universal nature of Hip Hop but resonates with those who are attracted to other genres.

A fervent truth speaker both on and off the record, Brent Lee Regan is also a member of various groups including The Anti-Injustice Movement (The AIM), a global activist movement which utilizes Hip Hop to enable social change, Guerrilla Republik, Emcee's For Peace and Musicians For Peace. He also runs a website called Truth Music Directory which promotes independent and unsigned artists from the truth movement worldwide. Demand for Brent Lee Regan's live show is growing and there are both national and international shows planned for him in the coming months as the time has come for the world to be blessed with his music. With his determination and sincerity, Brent Lee Regan is going to be a powerful voice for global change.

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