Friday, 8 July 2016

Artist Profile: Awkword (Hip Hop)

Truth Music Directory presents another member from the Anti Injustice Movement who was featured on the AIM Raptivist Collective Mixtape: Awkword

Source: Awkword

AWKWORD... Born 1981. Alive longer than Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain, longer than 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. (RIP.) Childhood outcast. First poem at age 8. Strove to personify Robin Hood in high school. Straight As; suspended half the time. Stole cash, phones and cigarettes from rich girls at parties -- and donated to and volunteered at soup kitchens. Delivered serious beatings to racists, homophobes, rapists and general misogynists. Ran from cops, fingers dripping with paint. Nearly held back from graduating, but honored with multiple academic awards... Then, rap. Angst + Anger + Empathy + Passion + Creativity + Intelligence + Innovation + Wit + Humor + Sarcasm + Boredom. Diversity Day. First performance... 1999: A frightful year for many (Y2K... ahhhhh!); Vassar College for AWKWORD. Sociology. English. Activism. Veganism. Green Haven Prison. Family Partnership Center. Birth of Hip Hop 101. Four years. Live shows, ad hoc freestyles, shoddy recordings. Graduation. Degree. Sub-Way Stiles: Whatzisface + Voice 1 + DJ Syzygy + Blended Babies. Sub-Way Mixtape. Critical acclaim; Elemental Magazine says AWKWORD shows most heart on the album. Solo LP (See the Light). Positive press. Remix Contest. Morgan Stanley Foundation Grant. World View: First-ever 100% nonprofit global hip hop project. Production from 15+ nations and every continent. Benefiting Guns 4 Cameras (a.k.a. Aim to Live): 501c3 registered nonprofit. Hip hop-inspired education and empowerment of our youth. Eradicating gun violence... Meanwhile, AWKWORD stays in touch with his people via twitter (@AWKWORDrap), his blog (GetYourMindRight), and those pesky little leaks of free bangers. World View the album hits the Internets (and select stores) in 2010. Two World View Mixtapes will drop beforehand. Stay tuned... And GetYourMindRight.

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