Friday, 8 July 2016

ALBUM: Truthseekah [2009] The Fall Of Babylon

Shalom! Download this EP for free; The Fall Of Babylon by Truthseekah

Truthseekah is a Christian, a street minister, a truther and a hip hop artist from Mobile, Alabama whose music has a defined rock/rap sound. Truthseekah was recently featured in Truth Music Directory (you can see that by clicking here)... and be on the lookout for a Brent Lee Regan - Truthseekah collaboration in the near future!

Download "The Fall Of Babylon" - by clicking here!

01) Intro
02) Ballot
03) Not Another Word
04) 911 Bricks In The Wall [DJ Ball edit]
05) This Reveloution
06) The Fall Of Babylon
07) Not Another Word [DJ Amy remix]

For more information about Truthseekah visit these sites:

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